Turquoise Trail
New Mexico

Soak up some of the most spectacular scenery in the American Southwest on the road from Albuquerque to Taos. The American Automobile Association's Heather Hunter recommends stopping to check out Wild West mining towns, ancient Pueblo Indian dwellings and modern art galleries.
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Some choose Paa-Ko. Others are just green with envy.

You live where most people can only visit. Here, the Rocky Mountain range defines east and west. And some of the world's best-known artists have made this their home. Albuquerque is a jewel of the southwest. And Santa Fe is consistently named as one of the top worldwide vacation destinations. At Paa-Ko, both cities are practically in your back yard. Your direct road to Santa Fe is the Turquoise Trail, through some of the most amazing landscapes on the planet. No crowded highways. No crowds at all.

Imagine living where an international airport is less than 30 minutes away. Where you're 20 minutes from Albuquerque's big-city offerings and 45 minutes from Santa Fe's unparalleled shopping and culture. Paa-Ko Communities is situated 1.5 miles north of the Sandia Crest turn-off on North Highway 14, the historic Turquoise Trail. Spectacular home-sites are ringed by six mountain ranges - Sangre de Cristo, Sandia, Jemez, Manzano, San Pedro and Ortiz - and the vast plain of the Estancia Valley. Wildlife is abundant. Vistas are extraordinary. But world-class shopping and amenities are minutes away. That's what Paa-Ko is all about.

Life at Paa-Ko is a rare, harmonious mix of privacy and community, nature and culture, tranquility and excitement.

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