Turquoise Trail
New Mexico

Soak up some of the most spectacular scenery in the American Southwest on the road from Albuquerque to Taos. The American Automobile Association's Heather Hunter recommends stopping to check out Wild West mining towns, ancient Pueblo Indian dwellings and modern art galleries.
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The legacy of an ancient lifestyle... the promise of a new one.

Paa-Ko - which means "root of the cottonwood tree" - takes its name from the nearby ruins of a Tano pueblo which was occupied intermittently from the fourteenth to the seventeenth centuries. The site, an archaeological treasure, was excavated in the 1930's. Multi-room dwellings, kivas, corrals and a wealth of artifacts (now preserved by the University of New Mexico) are an awe-inspiring chapter of the Paa-Ko story.

Here, what wasn't changed is more important than what was.

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